Treasure Island - Stage 3 %25 indirimli Robert Louis Stevenson

Treasure Island - Stage 3
Robert Louis Stevenson

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Treasure Island - Stage 3
Treasure Island - Stage 3

Treasure Island was first serialised and then published in 1884.

Stevenson had written it for the amusement of his step-son, twelve-year-old Lloyd Osbourne in 1881. It is a tale of pirates, a map, some treasure, a mutiny and a one-legged sea-cook. Treasure Island was originally known as The Sea-Cook. It had appeared as a serial in Young Folks in 1882.

Treasure Island, with its mixture of the prodigious and the human, of surprising coincidences and familiar feelings, has become a classic.

It is a story which we imagine happening to ourselves, and which lets us daydream, turning our ordinary lives into a romantic adventure.

Set in the days of ships and pirates, it creates

life-like images, and we are thrilled to go treasure hunting with young Jim Hawkins to the Treasure Island.