Security At Sporting Events
Security At Sporting Events

EditedByNargis Özgen
Sports, which is asocial phenomenon as well as an individual phenomenon,necessitates the regulation of social security issues on a legal basis. The most basic needs, such as ensuring safety in sportive competitions where the society has high participation, also reveal the necessity of Professional work. The legislation, which draws the general framework for ensuring social welfare and security, functions as a guarantor of individual/community security in the national/international context and is renewed by adapting to the needs of theera.These innovations in the legislation determine the principles to be followed in meeting the security needs of thesociety. Considering the individual aspects of sports safety, which is a social phenomenon, it is necessary to benefit from experts in the fields of science working in these fields.Expert sociologists and psychologists give wide coverage to the subject and cooperate to eliminate the risk factors of safety in sports and to resolve crisis situations quickly and easily.Apart from these studies, countries take high-level security measures by signing protocols among themselves in national/international competitions and implement these measures. In the FIFA World Cup, whic hwill be hosted by the State of Qatar, Turkey undertook the task of providing security and an inter-country protocol was signed on the subject. Factors such as the education,expertise, experience, crisis and risk management skills that Turkish security forces show in national/international organizations bring the Republic of Turkey to the fore in this regard in the international arena.

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