Sunset Pass
Sunset Pass
Platanus Publishing

“I had always been crazy over pretty girls. Sol Winter told me a lot of bad news about the girls—and about his son Nick. So I lost my happy mood. I wanted to go out and get drunk. Sol asked me to keep store for him. And I sat there sinkin' into one of the old black spells that had kept me from makin' someone out of myself. Then you walked into that store.

And somethin' happened. I don't know yet what it was. But it was wonderful. It's been such a tearin', changin' somethin' that I don't know myself. I'm findin' out little by little. Seein' you this second time has helped a lot. I'll make a clean breast of all—soon as I know. But right now I know—if you don't turn your back on me—I'll never drink again. Or hunt for a fight! Or waste my time and money!”

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