Rob Roy Stage 3 Walter Scott

Rob Roy Stage 3
Walter Scott

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Rob Roy Stage 3
Rob Roy Stage 3
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When Frank Obaldistone is sent, disinherited and in disgrace, to live with his uncle, Sir Hildebrand, he meets and falls in love with the beautiful Diana Vernon. But, when his cousin Rashleigh steals documents that are vital to his father's livelihood and reputation, Frank has no choice but to pursue him to restore his father's honour and his family's good name. Along the way, Frank crosses paths with the legendary Rob Roy-an infamous Scottish folk hero who has information of benefit to Frank and his family. Set against the backdrop of the 1715 Jacobite Rising in Scotland, Sir Walter Scott's Rob Roy is both an epic tale of adventure and romance, and a realistic reflection of the brutal living and social conditions present in Scotland during the early eighteenth century.