Fluid Mechanics 1th SI Metric Edition
Fluid Mechanics 1th SI Metric Edition
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This first SI Metric Edition represents a 100% SI version of the 7th edition of Fluid Mechanics (McGraw-Hill, New York).

The text presumes that the student has covered calculus, statics and dynamics, and thermodynamics. It is not only appropriate as a first course in fluid mechanics but contains enough material to support a laboratory and applications course.

Such fundamental concepts as fluid properties, fluid statics, and dimensional analysis are intorduced. The control volume approach is used in developing the basic principles of conservation of mass, momentum, and energy. Fluid mechanics and thermodynamics are unified in the treatment of the energy equation. Applications are given first without regard to the nature of energy losses. Separate chapters are utilized to emphasize the important aspects of viscosity, compressibility, and ideal fluids. An effort has been made to keep the approach up-to-date as to computer use. The more complex problems are solved by use of the digital computer, with several programs included. Less complex problems have been set up for use with the programmable hand calculator.

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