Nonjudgmental Umut Kısa

Umut Kısa

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“I Never Told Anyone”

“When I tell that every once in a while we should be celebrating/blessing/admiringsomeone around us just for the fact they are present, people always mistake it with spoiling that person. If someone gets spoiled, either one of the parties carries a burden that they should not be carrying or act spoiled to draw attention because their presence is not blessed. So, in both cases, people act spoiled because the ‘Attention' is blessed, not the ‘Presence'. People acting spoiled is due to a lack of something not an excess.”

- Umut Kısa

According to you, what defines a coach, a mentor, or a leader? The answer to this question for the author is the competencies as a whole. Having the right competencies mean fulfilling the role you are playing accurately and successfully. Some competencies develop over a long period of time and require lots of effort, while others are acquired thanks to a momentary awareness. While some competencies require a state of ‘doing,' the others are more about the state of ‘being.'

Nonjudgemental reveals that great leaders and coaches aren't those know the best, but those who have the highest level of communication competencies.

This book will change the way you understand yourself and others.

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