Introductory Mechanics Of Deformable Bodies
Introductory Mechanics Of Deformable Bodies
ODTÜ - Akademik Kitaplar


Introduction to S.I. Units
1. Normanl and Shear Stresses
2. Simple Strain
3. General Method of Analysis
4. State of Stress and State of Strain
5. Mechanical Properties of Materials and Elastic Stress-Strain Relations
6. Internal Forces and Moments in Slender Members
7. Stresses in Beams
8. Deflection of Slender Members Due to Bending
9. Torsion of Circular Shafts
10. Combined Stresses
11. Energy Methods
12. Buckling of Columns
13. Special Topics in the Bending of Beams
14.Theories of Failure
15. Index

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