The Philosopher Oak Anooshirvan Miandji

The Philosopher Oak
Anooshirvan Miandji

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The Philosopher Oak
The Philosopher Oak

(Anooshirvan Miandji'nin çok ilgi gören Filozof Meşe kitabını, İngilizce öğrenen, öğrenmeye çalışan ve okullarında İngilizce eğitim gören çocuklar için, Yasemin Yener'in çevirisiyle İngilizce olarak sunuyoruz.)
What happens if nobody does what they are supposed to do? What happens if we want someone else to carry our burdens? Is collective laziness good? What is the cost of self-indulgence? Can mistakes from the past be fixed? Isn't accepting a mistake, a mistake in itself? What separates right from wrong?
Why do some people not want to believe in truth? Why do some people like to live in pain instead of trying to fix the situation? Is suffering a destiny? Is thinking a hard business? Is gossiping a way of thinking? What awaits the society that does not criticize itself?

Does standing alone mean to be mistaken? Is there another possibility for the ones who do not give up?
If you are wondering the answers to some of these questions, you might have to read The Philosopher Oak.