Different Aspects of Economic Development Sinan Erdoğan

Different Aspects of Economic Development
Sinan Erdoğan, Güray Akalin

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Different Aspects of Economic Development
Different Aspects of Economic Development
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Economic development is a sophisticated process that covers economic, social, political, and cultural progress and focuses on raising human well-being. Therefore, it has many components such as economic growth, health, education, income distribution, institutional progress, financial development so forth. From this point of view, several contemporary issues in economic development have been investigated in this book. Within this regard, it aims to provide both empirical and theoretical contributions to the existing literature. Each chapter of the book has been written by scholars who are experts in their fields, and their findings provide significant information and empirical proofs for policymakers. Moreover, it may provide deep insights for graduate students and scholars studying economic development, and it contains information and analysis to be taught in postgraduate courses and to be used in postgraduate papers.