Discrimination Between Genders Sigmund Freud

Discrimination Between Genders
Sigmund Freud

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Discrimination Between Genders
Discrimination Between Genders
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As regards the prehistory of the Oedi-pus complex in boys we are far from complete clarity We know that that period includes an identification of an affectionate sort with the boy's father, an identifi­cation which is stili free from any sense of rivalry in regard to his moth-er. Another element of that stage is invariably, 1 believe, a masturbatory activity in connection with the genitals, the masturbation of early childhood, the more or less violent suppression of which by those in charge of the child sets the castration complex in action. it is to be as-sumed that this masturbation is attached to the Oedipus complex and serves as a discharge for the sexual excitation belonging to it.