Current Financial Studies Serkan Yılmaz Kandır

Current Financial Studies
Serkan Yılmaz Kandır

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Current Financial Studies
Current Financial Studies
Akademisyen Kitabevi

Chapter 1 Evaluation of Businesses in Financial Terms:

a Study on Healthcare Sector

Chapter 2 The Comparative Analyses of Turkish Islamic and

Conventional Banks' Risk Indicators Performances


Chapter 3 Financial Literacy From the Aspect of

Personal and General Economic Development

Chapter 4 The Requirement of Audit and Assurance for

Crowdfunding, As An Alternative Financing Method

Chapter 5 Risk and Return Determinants of Ipos in

the Long Run At Borsa Istanbul

Chapter 6 A Multi-Criteria Performance Evaluation of Turkish

Islamic Banks From the Efficiency Perspective

Chapter 7 An Analysis of the Existence of Stock Price Bubbles in

Developed and Developing Countries: the Case of G20