Turks in London
Turks in London
Ozan Yayıncılık

The history of Turkish people in Britain is not as short as many would presume but is quite under researched.

There is some research on the history of Turks in Britain but still many people do not know that ‘Güvercinlik' (pigeon-loft) is the term given by the first Turkish arrivals to Trafalgar Square, London. It is where the first Turks (mainly Turkish Cypriots) used to meet. This was their one and only meeting point out of necessity as they did not have any associations, cafes or restaurants of their own to gather and socialise.

Although it is known that some Turkish Cypriots arrived in London in the 1920's and 1930's Turkish Cypriots started coming in bigger numbers to London in the 1940's and ‘Güvercinlik' is the place where their journey started.

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