Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives on Economic and Financial Issue

Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives on Economic and Financial Issues
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Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives on Economic and Financial Issues
Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives on Economic and Financial Issues
Gazi Kitabevi


1. The Effect of the State's Weight on Economic Growth: A Comparison of Country Groups with Different Development Levels
2. A Gender Discrimination Analysis Based on the Household Surveys for the Turkish Labor Market
3. Sustainability of Current Account Deficit: The Turkish Case
4. Positive Impact of Women Voice in Parliament and Sustainability in Environmental Performance of the Countries: A Cross Country Analysis
5. An Investigation of the Effect of Macroeconomıc Indicators on CDS Premıums in Turkey
6. Income Inequality in Turkey: Is Inflation Important?
7. The Sensitivity of Empirical Applications to the 2014 Revisions to the Turkish Household Labor Force Survey
8. Vicious Cycle of Unemployment and Interregional Migration: Dynamic Panel Data Analysis
9. The Validity of the Environmental Kuznets Curve Hypothesis by Income Groups
10. Economic and Political Analysis of Health Services in Turkey
11. What Influences Inflation Expectations in Turkey?
12. Efficiency Analysis in Gaziantep University: Stochastic Frontier Analysis Approach
13. Game Theory and Economic History: Theoretical Reflections of New Perspectives on Studies for the Pre-Modern Period
14. Government Revenue-Expenditure Nexus in Highly Indebted European Countries: Causal Linkages Accounting Structural Shifts
15. Shanghai Cooperation Organization: Economic Development in the Core Member Countries
16. Dynamic Volatility Spillovers and Connectedness in Financial Markets: The Role of Covid-19 Outbreak
17. Does Economic Voting Differ in Local and General Elections? An Investigation of Turkish Elections Between 2007-2019
18. A Review of Sustainable Food Security in Turkey
19. Causality Between Trade Openness and Economic Growth in Turkey: Evidence from Nonlinear Tests
20. The Effects of Defence Industry Expenditures on Country Economies: Selected Profiles from Asian and Ocean Countries
21. The Effects of Investment, Energy Imports and Real Effective Exchange Rate on Current Account Balance: The Case of Fragile-5 Countries
22. Return Transmissions in Cryptocurrency Markets and the Implications of Covid-19 Outbreak on Dynamic Correlations
23. Non-Linear Relationship Between Exchange Rate and Regional Inflation: Turkish Evidence
24. Financial Innovation and Money Demand in Turkey: Empirical Evidence
25. Spillover Effect of Uncertainty of Covid-19 on Non-Performing Loans in Turkey
26. CRITIC-Based COPELAND Method Appliance to Rank the Performance of BIST Traded Turkish Commercial Banks (2009- 2019)
27. Proposal for an E-Commerce Integrated Murabaha Model
28. Islamic Finance and Accounting Process for Business Growth and Development
29. The Relationship Between the Financial Development and Income Distribution in Developing Economies
30. Examining the Effect of Covid-19 on Deferred Taxes and Government Grants and Incentives within the Scope of TAS/TFRS: An Analysis of Businesses in Turkey in the BIST-30 Index
31. Processes and Resources in International Marketing Research
32. Country of Origin Strategies
33. Literature Review of Researches on Intelligent Transportation Systems
34. The Importance of Social Responsibility Projects in Increasing the Brand Awareness of Universities: An Implementation Study
35. Shariah Governance for Islamic Financial Institutions in the context of Malaysia

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