Pinocchio-The Tale of a Puppet
Pinocchio-The Tale of a Puppet

“A conscience is that still small voice that people won't listen to.”

Did you know that in the original story of Pinocchio, set in Tuscany, Italy, Pinocchio ended up dying in a horrible way? Or that the ending was changed to make the book more suitable for children?

Written by the Italian writer Carlo Collodi, Pinocchio is an adventurous and provoking fairy tale with moral values. In the story, Pinocchio begins life as a talking piece of pine that refuses to be a table's leg. The poor carpenter Geppetto turns this pine into a mischievous puppet boy named Pinocchio. Pinocchio has only one dream, to become a real child. Nonetheless, his unbridled curiosity, deceit and selfishness put him in constant danger. Throughout the book, Pinocchio encounters many distracting obstacles preventing him from becoming a real boy.

Will this young puppet learn from his mistakes? And most importantly, will his dream come true?

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