Public Diplomacy In The Oic Countries %10 indirimli Hilmi Özev

Public Diplomacy In The Oic Countries
Muharrem Hilmi Özev

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Public Diplomacy In The Oic Countries
Public Diplomacy In The Oic Countries
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After the collapse of the bipolar world system and Cold War we are facing a new international system which differentiates by its vision from the older one. The function of this international system resembles neither bipolar world nor it has any connection with the unipolar world. Multipolar new world order is based on communication, informatics, strategy and technology.

In this new international system, public diplomacy stands out in order to increase the states' efficiency, to achieve their aims and to implement the strategic vision that they have determined. OIC countries will achieve their objectives by appealing to the instruments of public diplomacy in a more healthy way as states that plan firstly to become efficient powers within their own regions and then global power centers.

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