Bantay the Magic Dog +Downloadable Audio (Compass Readers 7) B2 Michel

Bantay the Magic Dog +Downloadable Audio (Compass Readers 7) B2
Michelle Lord

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Bantay the Magic Dog +Downloadable Audio (Compass Readers 7) B2
Bantay the Magic Dog +Downloadable Audio (Compass Readers 7) B2
Compass Publising

Malaya is a poor, young girl who weaves baskets to support her and her father. She has no money, and her only possession is a wooden flute. Find out how her promise to a dog, her flute, and trust change her life forever.

Compass Readers is a 70-book, 7-level collection of readers designed for elementary to intermediate learners of the English language. Learners will enjoy reading this unique array of fiction and nonfiction graded readers. The series has been creatively designed to develop English language learning through structured academic design.

This series includes:

  • Fiction and nonfiction readers with downloadable audio
  • Level and age appropriate topics and themes
  • Subject matter covering nature, social studies, science & technology, history, and biographies
  • Carefully chosen vocabulary covering essential high-frequency English words
  • A glossary and index featuring key terms at the back of each reader
  • A downloadable teacher's guide
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