Science and Society - Academical Researches 3
Science and Society - Academical Researches 3
Paradigma Akademi Yayınları - Akademik Kitaplar

The subject of many valuable scientific research, which is far from readers' interest and knowledge, is stuck in the pages of journals. In our "Science & Society - academical research" series, which we have realized with the paradigma academy, we have initiated this publishing process in order to be a solution to this problem to a certain extent.

As a scientist who has guided the principle of “Knowledge is the common property of humanity”, we attribute a separate importance and value to our series.

In this journey, we aimed to collect the academic studies of many valuable researchers from different fields of science with a multidisciplinary point of view under the same roof and deliver them to the readers.

In the second book of the Paradigm Academy, Science & Society - Academical Research category, we included 2 very important research in the field of social sciences. Given the following topics, the importance of the work will be revealed further:

- Sociological Analysis Of The Role And Functions Of The Army In Turkish Socety.

- Determination Of Physical Activity, Nutrition, Physical And Mental Health Of Individuals Aged 30 50 Years.

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