Dokuz Eylül Yayınları
The publication of this texbook was made possible by the contributions received from Dokuz Eylül Bilim Merkezi Derneği.
This textbook peresents the most essential principles of investments. Each subject in the text is dealt with from the text is dealt xith from the standpoint of an individual "rational" investor who makes investments decisions under the efficient market conditions.In the textbook, thedetailed discussion of the investment setting is deliberately omitted in order to concentrate on the analyses of basic securities (common stock, preferred stock, bonds) and alternative securities (options, convertibles and warrants). On the other hand, the textbook is structured to reflect these well-known steps of the investment process: identification, valuation, selection of assets and forming the portfolio, monitoring and modifying. Moreover, to the end of the textbook a list of suggested readings, a glossary end in index are appended to maximize the benefits from the book.
(Arka Kapak)
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