Little Women: Level 4 %15 indirimli Louisa May Alcott

Little Women: Level 4
Worldwide Readers
Louisa May Alcott

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Little Women: Level 4
Little Women: Level 4 Worldwide Readers
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Level 4
Little Women
Mrs. Dalloway
The Call of the Wild
Great Expectations

Little Women
The four Daughters of the March family, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy live with their mother, and they feel sorry for their father's absence. Life is not easy for them since they are not rich. But still they don't give up. Altough they are very young, they do their best to help each other, to earn money, and to improve their talents. The story starts at Christmas, and in one year the four girls withstand the difficulties of life. But they manage so well that each sorrow brings a joy afterwards. This is why, the story of these "little women" as their father calls them, is never forgotten for years.

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