Alligators and Crocodiles (Readers 3) %18 indirimli Laura Marsh

Alligators and Crocodiles (Readers 3)
National Geographic Kids
Laura Marsh

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Alligators and Crocodiles (Readers 3)
Alligators and Crocodiles (Readers 3) National Geographic Kids
National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Primary Readers is a high-interest series of beginning reading books that have been developed in consultation with education experts. The books pair magnificent National Geographic photographs with lively text by skilled children's book authors across four reading levels.

Level 3: Becoming independent

Best suited to kids who are ready for complex sentences and more challenging vocabulary, but still draw on occasional support from adults. They are ideal for readers of Purple and Gold books.

A pair of eyes lurks just above the water's surface. Is it a crocodile or an alligator? Packed with beautiful and engaging photos, kids will learn all about these two reptiles and find out what makes them different. This level 3 reader provides both accessible and wide-ranging text to encourage the scientists and explorers of tomorrow!