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Readings for Academic Purposes

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Readings for Academic Purposes
Readings for Academic Purposes
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Readings for Academic Purposes is an advanced-level integrated skills course book for Freshman English students. Arranged thematically around authentic texts, this book focuses on reading for research purposes, research skills, and academic writing.

Aubentic English texts provide stimulating and up-to-date material.

While reading exercises guide students through the readings.

After Reading exercises check students comprehension of the text.

Vocabulary exercises focus on advanced-level and academic vocabulary building.

Activities offer pair and group work exercises where students combine their own knowledge and experiences with information from the text.

Suggestions for writing allow students to write academic essays based on the text.

A detailed appendix takes students step by step through the process of writing a research paper, designing charts and graphs, and making oral presentations.

Michael Fields, Sarah Oskay, and Serdar Tuğcu are instructors in the Freshman English Program at Işık University, Istanbul, Turkey.

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