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Insight Turkey Vol. 23, No. 3

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Insight Turkey Vol. 23, No. 3
Insight Turkey Vol. 23, No. 3
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A New Issue of Insight Turkey Has Been Published!

This summer issue of Insight Turkey aims to highlight the recent developments and challenges in the Middle East, specifically on Palesitinian-Israeli impasse, Iranian elections, and Turkey's foreign policy and increasing influence in the region, with a rich frame including three commentaries and six research articles.
Three of the pieces published in this issue highlight the recent Palestinian-Israeli impasse. Berdal Aral's commentary argues that the Palestinian tragedy is an ‘international problem' granting that it has regional, international and global dimensions that implicate the hegemonic world system. Ramy Abdu reviews the most prominent patterns of direct and structural violence practiced by Israel. Under the same scope, Yücel Acer asserts that the very fact that the crimes committed in the Palestinian territories are under criminal investigation is a major step toward fulfilling at least some requirements of justice.

Regarding Iranian politics, in their article, Mahjoob Zweiri and Yara Nassar highlight Iran's survival strategies on an external basis including the Palestinian cause. Meanwhile, Hakkı Uygur's commentary concludes that although there are many challenges for the new President, the next years will be highly critical for Raisi to set the tone for the country.

On Turkey's role in the region, Bora Bayraktar in his article, questions how Turkey responded to COVID-19 pandemic which triggered a change in the world order. Meanwhile, Murat Önder, Hazan Güler Sarı, and Emrah Ayhan touch on many critical points in understanding early Western media perception toward the July 15 coup attempt in Turkey. Lastly, Miloš Todorović's article explores the real motives behind TİKA's activities and Turkey's soft power in the Balkans, with a special focus on Serbia.

There are also several off-topic manuscripts in this issue. These articles discuss the Gulf crisis, Belt and Road Initiative, the climate crisis. Ali Abo Rezeg, Ejaz Hussain, Burak Güneş, and Bengü Çelenk have enriched our issue with their valuable contributions.
We hope that this issue present and to provide the verity to its readers through an extensive and rich framing that covering of important events and developments related to Turkey and its surrounding regions.

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