A Shoemaker
A Shoemaker
Gugukkuşu Yayınları

"Will you tell me a story this evening, father?" asked William P. a fine lad been a gallant officer in the revolutionary war.

"And what story shall I tell you, my son?" said the general.

"Something about the war, father."

"You are always for hearing about the war, William," said General P.: "I have told you almost all the stories I recollect. And besides, William, if you love to hear about war so well, when you are young, you will wish to be a soldier, when you become a man."

"Well, well, William," said the general, "I must tell you one story more. Where are Henry and John? You may call them. They will like to hear the story too."

William, Henry and John enter.

Henry: "Father! William says you are going to tell us a story about the war! What-"

John: "Shall you tell us about some battle, where you fought?"

Gen. P.: "Sit down, my children, sit down. Did I ever tell about Enoch Crosby?"

William: "Enoch Crosby? why, I never heard of such a man."

Henry: "Nor did I."

Gen. P.: "I suppose not. But he was a brave man, and did that for his country, which is worthy to be told."

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