White Fang Stage 2 (CD'siz) Jack London

White Fang Stage 2 (CD'siz)
Jack London

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White Fang Stage 2 (CD'siz)
White Fang Stage 2 (CD'siz)
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White Fang: Life is not easy for anyone in the ice-cold Canadian North, but especially for White Fang it is difficult. His life is hard, adventurous, and dangerous from the beginning. When White Fang meets with people, he learns new lessons about life. He knows he has to obey them. He grows to become a strong, powerful, and smart wolf. He improves his skill and learns many tricks. But at the same time, the environment he is in turns him into a savage selfish killer. Does White Fang have a chance to be free from the cruelty of men? Love can be the only answer to save White Fang.