Lighting Technology İsmail Kıyak

Lighting Technology
Fundamentals of Control and Design
İsmail Kıyak

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Lighting Technology
Lighting Technology Fundamentals of Control and Design
Nobel Akademik Yayıncılık

Lighting is a discipline that is necessary for all living things and determines the quality of life. In recent years, besides the obligatory use of lighting, its visuality is also considered important, and therefore the concept of lighting design has emerged. Lighting design is classified as industrial areas, highways and pedestrian roads, building facades, sports centers, shopping areas, historical areas and objects, parking lots, interior areas, and each has different parameters in accordance with standards. In lighting technology, it is desired that the design made outside of the technical details appeals to the eye.

In today's lighting projects, it aims to make the environment safer, more comfortable and more efficient in terms of energy saving, by transforming the space it is in into an automation, not just lighting. In addition, lighting has been fully integrated into smart building systems and has played an active role in improving living conditions.

This book provides sectoral information for those who consider lighting as a profession to have an idea. It contains; the concept of light, types of lighting, design principles of lighting systems, lighting control techniques and principles, protocols used in lighting automation are explained and sample applications are included.

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