İngilizce Gramer
İngilizce Gramer Fundamentals Of Grammar
Ayyıldız Yayınları

This book gives upper - intermediate and proficiency students clear explanations and useful practice of English tenses and modals.

It is for learners who want to use their knowledge in real situations and exans. It helps learners not only practise what they have learnt but also test themselves. This book covers the first steps required for KPDS, YDS, KMS and ÜDS exams, too.


- Detailed explanations both in English and Turkish
- Each unit has review parts. This enables the student to build a clear understanding.
- Note parts give broader explanations for the specific problem areas.
- Pictures, conversations and examples explain the use of form.
- Each rule hase exercises. Each exercise has a remember part to remind the given rule.
- Tests for the exams

- For upper - intermediate and proficiency students.
- For university prep - classes
- For the exams.

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