The Snow Queen
The Snow Queen Stage 5 - İngilizce Dil Kulubü
Tiydem Yayıncılık

She must not hear of her power from us; that power lies in her heart, because she is a sweet and innocent child! If the cannot get to the Snow Queen by herself, and rid little Kay of the glass, we cannot help her. The "Tiydem English Language Club" series includes classical and contemporary literary works adapted for the purpose of teaching English. Designed to help learners of English the "Tiydem English Language Club" series of books start with 300 basics words at the first level increasing to 3000 words at the sicth level. - Stage 6 - 3000 words - Stage 5 - 2000 words - Stage 4 - 1500 words - Stage 3 - 900 words - Stage 2 - 600 words - Stage 1 - 300 words

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