Silas Marner CD'siz (Stage 4) George Eliot

Silas Marner CD'siz (Stage 4)
Engin Gold Star Classics
George Eliot

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Silas Marner CD'siz (Stage 4)
Silas Marner CD'siz (Stage 4) Engin Gold Star Classics
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This novel tells the story of a weaver named Silas Marner. He lives a quiet life without any friends. He comes to Raveloe afterhe is accused of stealing money from an old man. Silas's best friend betrays him and marries his fiancée. In Raveloe, someonesteals Silas's gold coins, making Silas even more lonely. One New Year's Eve, a woman dies near his cottage, leaving a smallgirl, an orphan. Silas decides to take care of the girl and names her Eppie. No one knows that the girl's father is Godfrey Cass,the son of Squire Cass. Years pass and Godfrey comes to claim his daughter. Who steals Silas's coins? Will Eppie go to livewith her real father?

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