Turkish Penal Procedure Code Feridun Yenisey

Turkish Penal Procedure Code
Feridun Yenisey

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Turkish Penal Procedure Code
Turkish Penal Procedure Code
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BOOK ONE: General Provisions * PART ONE: Extent, Definitions, Subject Matter Jurisdiction and Venue * PART TWO: Decisions, Pronouncement and Notification, Time Limits and Reinstatement * PART THREE: Witness stand, expert examination and judicial inspection * PART FOUR: Measures of protection of evidence * PART FIVE: Interview and Interrogation * PART SIX: Defense * BOOK TWO: Investigation * PART ONE: Reporting of Crimes and Investigation * PART TWO: Filing a public prosecution * BOOK THREE: Prosecution Phase * PART ONE: The Conducting of the Public Claim * PART TWO: Concluding of the Public Prosecution * BOOK FOUR: Victim, Claimant, Individual Who is Financially Responsible, Intervening Party * PART ONE: Rights of the Victim of the Crime and the Claimant * PART TWO: Intervening in the Public Claim * BOOK FIVE: Special Adjudication Procedures * PART ONE: The Adjudication of Defaulters and Fugitives, Representation of Legal Entities During the Investigation and Prosecution, Adjudication Procedure for Some Crimes * PART TWO: Mediation and Confiscation * BOOK SIX: Legal Remedies * PART ONE: General Provisions * PART TWO: Ordinary Legal Remedies * PART THREE: Extraordinary Legal Remedies * BOOK SEVEN: Court Expenses and Miscellaneous Provisions * PART ONE: Court Expenses * PART TWO: Miscellaneous provisions

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