Oliver Twist Charles Dickens

Oliver Twist
Charles Dickens

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Oliver Twist
Oliver Twist
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Oliver Twist subtitled The Parish Boy's Progress is Charles Dickens's second novel, and was published as a serial from 1837 to 1839 and released as a three-volume book in 1838, before the serialisation ended.

Oliver Twist is born in a workhouse and later turns nine-years-old. He then works at a workhouse and escapes to London where he meets many people who are willing to give him shelter, the first one is Mr. Sowerberry, the second is an old Jew, then he stays with Mr. Brownlow and learns he has a half brother named Monks.

Oliver Twist is notable for Dickens's unromantic portrayal of criminals and their sordid lives. The book exposed the cruel treatment of the many orphans in London during the Dickensian era.

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