al-Farabi (İngilizce)
al-Farabi (İngilizce) A Civilization Philosopher
Türk Dünyası Vakfı

He was born in 1947 in Besni county of Adıyaman. He received lessons of Qur'an al-Karim and Arabic from his father. Later he studied Arabic, Persian and religious sciences in classical style in Urfa and Diyarbakır madrasas. In 1968, he was graduated from Maras Religious Vocational High School. In 1972, he was graduated from Istanbul High Institute of Islam and from Istanbul University Faculty of Letters, Department of Philosophy In 1977.

He started his academic life in 1977 as Philosophy and Logic Assistant in Istanbul High Institute of Islam. In 1980, he was granted the title of Philosophy Doctor. When this institution was transformed into Faculty of Theology, he became Assistant Professor in 1983, Associate Professor in 1987 and Professor in 1993.

He continued his translation activities when he had started with the name of Akif Nuri Mustear when he was a student of Religious Vocational High School until he became Professor. He translated approximately forty works particularly including Fi ZiIaI al-Qur'an and Ibn Kathir interpretations from Arabic to Turkish. Professor Bekir Karliga who spent a large part of his life for reconstruction of Islamic thought tradition have instructed for approximately thirty years in Marmara University Faculty of Theology the lessons of Islamic thought, introduction to Islamic thought, influences of Islamic thought on Western thought, contemporary Islamic thought and Ottoman thought at Bachelor's, Master levels and managed many Master, PhD theses.

After he retired in 2008 voluntarily, he established Civilization Studies Center (MEDAM) in Bahcesehir University. Later he was assigned as United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Turkish Coordinator in the capacity of Prime Ministry, Chief Consultant.

"Civilization Documentary of River Flowing Westward" prepared by Professor Bekir Karliga who has mostly concentrated on studying in the fields of thought, civilization and East-West relations paying effort for five years was awarded by the Presidency with 2013 Culture-Art Great Award.

Mahya Publications decided to publish all works of Bekir Karliga collectively. Up to date his works named "Religion and Thought", "Religion and Civilization", "Tunisian Hayrettin Pasha, A Reformist Islam Philosopher" have been published within this serial. First of all, his works named "Influences of Islamic Thought on Western Thought", "Global Humanity Development", "Introduction to Islamic Thought" and "Creation of Ottoman Thought" will be published within this serial.