A First Course in Analysis Baver Okutmuştur

A First Course in Analysis
Introductory Calculus
Baver Okutmuştur

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A First Course in Analysis
A First Course in Analysis Introductory Calculus
Nobel Akademik Yayıncılık

This book has been prepared in accordance with the programs of BasicMathematics I, Analysis I or Calculus I courses which are taught at the undergraduate level of the Faculties of Science and Engineering as well as the Faculties of Economics and Administrative Sciences. The book covers brief descriptions of the theorems, and focusses particularly on exercises with their solutions. While these exercises support the relevant topics and theorems, they are prepared to support the readers on related courses and help them prepare for exams. The content of the book is as follows: The concepts of limit and continuity for functions of one (real) variable, derivative and differentiability, applications of derivative, optimization problems, inverse-derivative concept and sketching graphs of functions.