Research and Reviews in Engineering - 2 September 2021
Research and Reviews in Engineering - 2 September 2021
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The topics in the book as follows;
Evaluation Of Solid Waste Management And Solid Waste-Induced Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Turkey
Energy Efficiency Investigation Of An Office Building
Theory, Evaluation And Optimization Of Organic Coating Preparation For Construction Industry
Power-Voltage (p-v) Curves Of Energy Transmission Lines
Biocomposite Hydrogel Beads From Glutaraldehyde Cross-Linked Chitosan Coated Biowaste Application For Removal Of Methylene Blue
Computationaly Efficent Design Optimization Of Microstrip Antennas
Boosting - Based Modelling Of Frequency Selective Surfaces
Composting Of Organic Wastes In Turkey And Bioaerosol Emissions From Compost Plants
A Private P2p Collaborative Filtering Scheme With Condensed Vectors
Comparison Of General Properties Of Hemp / Flax Natural Fibers And Glass / Carbon Synthetic Fibers
An Examination Of Vggish Embeddings Usage In Environmental Sound Classification

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