Fool's Goal
Fool's Goal
Platanus Publishing

“I want to see and feel and know the West. All my life I've watched trains of cattle unloaded here at the yards; now I'm going to see where they all come from. I know quite a few Westerners too; men that have come in with the cattle. They're different from any one here, but I don't know whythey should be— barring certain colloquialisms born of their trade.

It was all right for Dad to sit in an office and count cattle by car-loads, but I've got to watch ‘em grow. And money will talk, when I'm ready to have it speak. It isn't such a wild notion, when you consider the kind of men I'll be dealing with. A few thousands in cash will look a heap bigger than a check for the same amount. I—why, I'd take gold coin if I could carry it.”

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