The Schoolmaster and Other Stories
The Schoolmaster and Other Stories
Platanus Publishing

FYODOR LUKITCH SYSOEV, the master of the fac­tor y school maintained at the expense of the firm of Ku­likin, was getting ready for the annual dinner. Ever y year after the school examination the board of managers gave a dinner at which the inspector of elementar y schools, all who had conducted the examinations, and all the mana­gers and foremen of the factor y were present. In spite of their official character, these dinners were always good and lively, and the guests sat a long time over them; for­getting distinctions of rank and recalling only their me­ritorious labours, they ate till they were full, drank ami­cably, chattered till they were all hoarse and parted late in the evening, deafening the whole factor y settlement with their singing and the sound of their kisses. Of such dinners Sysoev had taken part in thirteen, as he had been that number of years master of the factor y school.

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