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What you call knowledge is a manifestation, emanation, and expansion of the absolute truth. There is a source of Absolute knowledge. There is a truth. There is existential knowledge. Real knowledge emanates from the Absolute source. All existential knowledge is present in the Absolute source. You are also a part of that existence. For this reason, you also have that knowledge. That knowledge is present in your real self. But you are not able to use it.
You are not defined as an individual being or as a part of the Absolute. When you realize that the truth is not something that is defined, you begin to advance in the acquisition of knowledge.
When you realize that knowledge is eternal and limitless and that absolute knowledge cannot be produced, a flow of knowledge will also be initiated. When you are free from duality and free from the duality of right and wrong knowledge, true knowledge will begin to flow into you.
When you do not judge, you will start to become a neutral observer. Being an observer means not judging. Judging, on the other hand, means to limit. If you are judging, it means that you are not able to acquire knowledge. You cannot spiritually evolve because you are judging.
In ordinary life, a person does not face true knowledge because one does not encounter it. But the moment of enlightenment is the moment you are beyond time, and at that time, true knowledge is acquired. The individual knows that it is right.
There is no need for reasoning at that moment and there is no room for argument. The individual already knows that it is part of the truth. There is no need to struggle anymore. So, how will you determine the moment of acquiring knowledge? When this knowledge reaches you, it will give you peace. You feel peace when you reach true knowledge.

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