Bella Balistica and the Forgotten Kingdım %17 indirimli Adam Guillain

Bella Balistica and the Forgotten Kingdım
Adam Guillain

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Bella Balistica and the Forgotten Kingdım
Bella Balistica and the Forgotten Kingdım
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A race for a map, a lost tomb, and tablets that could awake the forces of the gods take fiery spirit Bella Balistica on an exciting expedition to Turkey in this fast-paced, multicultural adventure. Employing her magical pendant and the help of animal friends, including her animal twin the Quetzal bird, Bella discovers the demonized power source of her nemesis—the evil corporation. All the while, she struggles to cope with real preteen life: her relationship with her father, squabbles with her adoptive mother, anger towards her birthparents for being unable to care for her, friendship issues with her best friend, and trying to win at soccer. Timely themes of sustainable energy, protection of the environment, and international adoption are well woven into this dynamic tale.

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